Subtitling and Movie Editing

A capable and compelling approach to your business videos are the best ways to communicate hence are used for various purposes such as training, marketing, and branding. The Lexat Labs holding a team of specialist editors delivers the outstanding & best subtitles in India. Irrespective of the industry we provide high-quality subtitles for documentaries, films and any sort of promotional material.

Live subtitling

To make any live content accessible Lexat Lad is associated with numerous companies, sports & educational foundations. By bridging the gap between millions of people and your business we can add a caption to any live content. We also provide our services for those who are hard of hearing or deaf (along with performing actions through face and hands).

Pre-recorded subtitling

Paying meticulous attention to every issue or detail including timing, characters and target audience Lexat Labs is one of the best-trusted resources in the world. A complete combination of our technicians, state of the art technology and professional subtitling editors are highly expert in dealing with any matter regardless of its complexity. Our flexible subtitling services can meet any deadlines effectively. We at Lexat Labs ensure to cross-check that each subtitle should be synced to the audio.

To bring any social change or communal harmony movies are the most powerful and effective approach. Another powerful medium to propagate a message is web where people can propagate their informative, educational or any other kind of content. Though shooting a small movie with your high-quality mobiles and advanced cameras available these days is not that difficult however it is just a step or a mere part of the whole job. To leave a long-lasting impression on your viewer a crisp presentation of your movie is most important. Transforming your raw footage in the right format by eliminating non-essential elements Lexat Labs movie editing service offers a broad spectrum of its services.

The professional movie editing services offered by Lexat Labs ensures a right sequence of your story. Through our image stabilization and color enhancement services, we can fix all those unwanted elements which make your movie blurred or shaky.

To spice up your video we at Lexat Labs are completely equipped with quality and professional film editing services. Updated with all latest trends to make your audience impressed the professional movie editors can cater the need of any client in affordable pricing and fast turnaround timing.

We ensure the complete confidentiality and security of movie provided by you for editing. We add special effects, music, sounds and remove background noise, and effects that will astonish your viewers. The movie editing tools used by editors at Lexat Labs can deliver highly customized video editing services.

The clear and transparent processes at Lexat Labs are trusted by many corporates, educational institutes, Ad firms, and government firms. We have proudly served and surprised many clients with our subtitling and movie editing services.