Transcription Services

At Lexat Labs we are exactly what quality transcription services any industry can look for. In addition to business, conferences our transcription service covers healthcare, banks, universities, academic, media and an extensive range of fields.

Known to deliver your transcribed solutions within turnaround time Lexat Labs is one of the best transcription services in India. For longer projects, the turnaround time is also fixed accordingly as we believe in providing results without compromising quality. The team of talented professionals is expert in transcribing any video or audio format.

To present you the most accurate transcription results we have experts and latest software. To provide you exceptional transcription services we have transcribers from various backgrounds.


When it comes to accuracy you can simply rely on us. With a triple check on each transcript, we offer a 99% accuracy guarantee. We can also handle any fluctuations in transcription volumes provided by clients.


Our charges never fluctuate with holidays, peak hours or weekends. Offering flexible payment options and native-speaking transcriptionist committed to serving you Lexat Labs is the most affordable transcription service in Bengaluru.


With a super simple process for our clients to send their task in the form of files and solutions provided by us, Lexat Labs ensures the safety and security of each file.

Regardless of whether interviews, court hearing recordings, teleconference, medical or any academic recordings the professional transcribers are expert in delivering exceptional quality transcripts within your chosen timeframe. Highly compatible and able to handle large volumes of audio our friendly staff is always available through the mail during business hours or will return to you within 24 to 36 hours of your submission.